infinity cloud® backup and disaster recovery

Are you doing everything you can to protect your information? While local backup and recovery software offers critical protection against a mistakenly deleted file or from a server crash, it can’t protect against fire, flood or theft. Surviving these onslaughts will mean investing in a redundant offsite strategy in addition to local backup. Fortunately, there’s a better solution: Infinity Cloud® – a fast, secure and cost-efficient offsite data protection service from Infinity.

Unlike other online backup services, Infinity Cloud® does more than just protect your files. It leverages patented disk imaging and Cloud computing technologies to capture files as well as server operating systems and applications. Backups are stored locally and online in a remote, secure location, fully secured via government-grade encryption.

key features

Online, Cloud-based Data Protection
Infinity Cloud® stores files, emails and system image backups locally and at a remote, secure location to give Windows servers the additional protection they need against disaster or theft.

Recover Entire System, Single File or Folder
Infinity Cloud® image-based recoveries give you the granularity you need for any kind of recovery. Restore files or complete systems. Archives are kept for 30 days should you need historical data.

Government-grade Data Privacy & Security
High-level data privacy is critical to businesses, and Infinity Cloud® takes privacy to the maximum level. Government-approved AES-256 Encryption is standard issue with Infinity Cloud.

Remote Access to your data and email within 24 hours
In the event of a major disaster Infinity Cloud® will give you access to your mission critical data, applications and email within 24 hours. This can be accessed from any PC over the internet giving you complete flexibility and enabling you business to keep running with minimal disruption.

Fully managed service
Infinity Cloud is a fully managed and monitored service giving you complete peace of mind.

Backup Mail Server
Ensure that mail sent to your organisation is never lost or delayed. Clients will not receive confusing bounce or delay messages. Our systems automatically forward any stored mail to you as soon as we detect your server is back on-line.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work put in supporting our systems

It is really appreciated that you are on the ball  and I really feel that we can rely on Infinity when it counts.

Atlantis Group